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Dion LTD is your partner in the production and trade of eggs and dried egg products.

Our dry or liquid egg products are used in the production of a variety of foods that are present every day at the table of every Bulgarian family. Since 2003, we have applied Good Manufacturing Practices, and since 2004 we have been developing and implementing ISO and HACCP Quality Systems. For us the success formula means excellent product quality and loyalty to current and future business partners. In order to meet the growing interest DION LTD constantly expands its production capacities. Our products are trusted by well-established companies. Regardless of whether you are starting your business or looking for new, more profitable offers, DION will be happy to meet your requirements

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Whole Egg Powder

The perfect replacement of the fresh egg!

Whole Egg Liquid

One kilogram replaces 20 hen eggs!

Egg Protein

Egg protein as a dietary supplement!
Drying of different types of products!

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